Event Sponsorship Roadmap

Are you looking to engage with brands and companies that want to connect with your audience? Are you interested in making more money on your event through sponsorships?

Sponsorships are a great way to both increase the value for your attendees and increase the profit of an event. The Event Sponsor Roadmap includes everything you need to secure sponsorships for your next event.

The Event Sponsorship Roadmap includes:

  • Event Sponsorship Checklist - comprehensive task plan for securing event sponsorships
  • Event Foundations Worksheet - needed in order to sell sponsorships
  • Sponsorship Assets Spreadsheet - to determine what you have of value to leverage for sponsorships
  • Sponsorship Proposal - what to include and examples
  • Sponsor Tracking - Trello Board (and Google Sheet option) to keep track of each potential sponsor so nothing gets missed
  • Sponsor Agreement - outlines the obligations and expectations of both you and the sponsor
  • Email Templates - to pitch sponsors and also to keep them informed once they've committed
  • Sponsor Questionnaire - so you can continuously improve your sponsorships
  • Sponsor Recap Report - what to include and example

Sounds pretty great? The best part is you’ll have automatic access to all these resources (no waiting around for content to be released over a few months). Start securing your event sponsorships today!! 

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  • Welcome Video
  • How to use the Event Sponsorship Roadmap

Event Foundations

You need to understand the event foundations before you can work on securing event sponsorships.

Documents include:

  • Event Foundations Worksheet (PDF)

Event Sponsorship Checklist

Know what you steps you need to take in order to secure sponsorships for your next event.

Documents include:

  • Event Sponsorship Checklist


Determine your assets, which are anything you have of value that can be leveraged for sponsorship.

Documents include:

  • Sponsorship Assets Spreadsheet

Sponsorship Tracking

Track your to-dos for securing sponsorships so that nothing gets missed. 

Documents include:

  • Sponsorship Tracking - Trello Board
  • Sponsorship Tracking - Google Sheet
  • Sponsorship Tracking - Asana

Sponsorship Proposal

Create a sponsorship proposal to encourage potential sponsors to support your event.

Documents include:

  • Sponsorship Proposal Outline
  • Sponsorship Proposal Examples

Sponsorship Agreement

Create a sponsorship agreement so that you and your sponsors are on the same page.

Documents include:

  • Sponsorship Agreement Templates
  • Sponsorship Agreement Example

Sponsor Communication

Clear and timely communication with your sponsors is extremely important in order to secure sponsorships and maintain an ongoing relationship with them. 

Documents include:

  • Sponsor Email Templates
  • Sponsor Pre-Event Information

Sponsor Communication - Post Event

Maintain a strong ongoing relationship with sponsors by continuing the communication after the event. 

Documents include:

  • Sponsor Report
  • Sponsor Satisfaction Survey
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