Event Leader Toolkit

Are you are a coach, consultant, or entrepreneur who dreams of hosting live events but is overwhelmed by the details and doesn't know where to start? Or have you hosted a few events and feel like you are reinventing the wheel each time?

You don't have to do this alone! The Event Leader Toolkit will help you create your first (or second or third) event with ease. You can get all of the templates, tools, resources, spreadsheets, and waivers that I use with my 1:1 event planning clients.

The Event Leader Toolkit includes:

Trello Boards (and spreadsheets that can be used by themselves or imported into Asana)

  • Event Foundation Template - make sure you have a solid foundation for your event
  • Comprehensive Task Plan - all of the tasks that you need to do and when you need to do them


  • Budget & Pricing Spreadsheet - create the right budget and a ticket price for your event
  • Event Tracking Sheet - includes tracking roommates, dietary restrictions, speakers, travel, and so much more


  • Template emails for attendees, speakers, and vendors
  • Sample Schedules
  • RFP (request for proposal) for venues
  • Attendee Intake Questionnaire
  • Attendee Feedback Questionnaire

Waivers & Agreements

  • Terms & Conditions
  • Photo & Confidentiality Waiver
  • Speaker Agreement

Video Tutorials, Event Marketing Overview and more!!

This is for you if...

  • You are planning your first retreat, conference or other live events and are looking for some guidance with logistics.
  • You've hosted live events but are still getting overwhelmed by the details and feel as though you are reinventing the wheel each time.
  • You are a DIYer and don't mind customizing the templates so that they work for you.
  • You are interested in creating systems for your event to streamline the planning process.

This is NOT for you if...

  • You want someone else to plan your event for you (check out my 1:1 event planning services).
  • You don’t tend to follow systems and have no interest in using templates or spreadsheets.
  • You don’t want to streamline the event planning process and prefer to just wing it each time.
  • You aren’t committed to dedicating a few hours to getting your event systems in place.

Sounds pretty great? The best part is you’ll have automatic access to all these resources (no waiting around for content to be released over a few months). Start planning your next event today!! 

15 Modules

Start Here!!


  • Welcome video!!
  • How to use the Event Leader Toolkit

Event Foundations

Documents include:

  • Event Foundations Worksheet (PDF)
  • Event Foundations (Trello Board)
  • Event Foundations (Google Sheet to import into Asana)

Event Task Plan

Documents include:

  • Event Task Plan (Trello Board)
  • Event Task Plan (Google Sheet)

Event Tracking

Documents include:

  • Event Tracking Spreadsheet (Google Sheet)

Pricing & Budget

Documents include:

  • Pricing & Budget Spreadsheet (Google Sheet)

Attendee Communication

Documents include:

  • Attendee Intake Questionnaire (Google Form)
  • Attendee Intake Questionnaire (Google Doc)
  • Attendee Feedback Questionnaire (Google Form)
  • Attendee Feedback Questionnaire (Google Doc)
  • Attendee Information Packet Template (Google Doc)
  • Attendee Information Packet Example (PDF)
  • Attendee Email Timeline (PDF)

Terms & Waivers

Documents include:

  • Terms & Conditions (Google Doc)
  • Confidentiality & Media Release Agreement (Google Doc)
  • Covid Waiver


Documents include:

  • Sample Schedules (Google Sheet)
  • Day of Timeline (Google Sheet)

Speaker Communication

Documents include:

  • Speaker Agreement (Google Doc)
  • Speaker Email Templates (Google Doc)
  • Speaker Swipe Copy (Google Doc)


Documents include:

  • Venue Checklist (PDF)
  • Venue RFP (Google Doc) 
  • Venue Template emails (Google Doc)
  • Run of Show (Google Sheet)

Event Marketing

Documents include:

  • Event Marketing Overview (PDF)
  • Marketing Timeline (PDF)
  • Marketing Timeline (Trello Board)
  • Marketing Strategy Plan w/ Content Calendar (Google Sheet)
  • Partner Swipe Copy (Google Doc)

Packing List

Documents include:

  • Packing List

How-To Videos

Videos include:

  • How to copy a Google Doc or Sheet
  • How to link Google Form to Spreadsheet
  • How to copy a Google Sheet into Asana
  • How to copy a Trello Board
  • How to Sort by Labels in Trello
Modules for this product 15

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